Now seems like a good time to introduce myself

Me and my sonI’m Brad Pilon, author of Eat Stop Eat and creator of the Anabolic Again Muscle Building Protocol.

As an author and Nutrition Expert I have spoken at some of the World’s most prestigious scientific conferences, been interviewed by various newspapers, magazines and radio shows and am considered a well-respected expert in the field of nutrition.

So why am I telling you this?

Because I want to make sure you know that I am legit.

Quite frankly, there is NO WAY I would EVER put my professional reputation on the line by standing behind a boring cookie-cutter workout. I solve problems. That’s what I do. And sometimes I come up with some very unique solutions to very complex problems. And that’s exactly what I did with the Anabolic Again Muscle Building Protocol.

...but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Let me take you back to November of last year. I was an invited speaker at a National Exercise Physiology Conference and had just arrived in Vancouver Canada (Just in time for the Winter Olympics). After a long flight I had arrived at my hotel and was about to check-in when I met an old friend and mentor.

"Brad is that you?" I heard from across the lobby.

"The one and only!" (I wasn't being cocky, it's just something I used to say)

"Wow! You look exactly the same, just as lean as I remember you"


Yep... I died a little on the inside.

Sure, to 99% of people this would be a compliment. But to me, ’looking the same’ was a horrible accusation. He may have said ’you look exactly the same’ but what I heard was you look no bigger than the last time I saw you, over 6 years ago!

Normally, I wouldn’t stress so much over this, but my friend is the Dean of Physical Education and Health at one of the world’s most prestigious Universities. So he knows Muscle and he knows Body Composition.

Here's what I'm getting at:

I’ve been working out 4 days a week, every week for the last 6 years. And I looked EXACTLY THE SAME. Sure I was lean, and I’m pretty dang strong... But I WASN’T ANY BIGGER And it was true. My MUSCLE MASS had not changed in almost 6 years.

Why am I in the gym trying to build muscle and NOT GETTING ANYWHERE?

What a waste of time. (I'm guessing you know how I felt)

Needless to say, this stuck with me. In fact, it was still stuck in my mind, long after my lecture was over.

What the Hell am I doing wrong? - I’ve followed many of today’s popular workouts, I ate my protein, took my creatine and still - nothing worked

"Had I reached my genetic potential?"

"Was this as big and strong as I was ever going to get?"

"Should I JUST GIVE UP?"

I needed to get to the bottom of this. I decided it was time to do some research, and to be honest I was expecting MONTHS of research, but It didn’t take long to realize what was going on. There was evidence. And, lots of it.

Sure, it wasn't OBVIOUS, but it was as close as you can get...

"I was suffering from a form of Anabolic Slow Down"

If your ability to build muscle has screached to a halt and you think you might be suffering from Anabolic Slow Down AND you want to know more about what I did to FINALLY start growing again, including how I stumbled upon the concept of compound cluster cycles then click the link below for the rest of the story.


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