Step 4: Work Out Differently (NOT More, or Less)


Lay off the CardioForget body-part splits and forget whole-body workouts. Both of these techniques work great for beginners, but after a while we both know they stop working. Then what do you do? Lift heavier? Lift more? Lift less? It all gets so desperately confusing.

Well, the answer is compound cluster cycles. Here's the secret: Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) is afraid to change working out. Sure there’s Crossfit, and powerlifting. There’s high rep and low rep, but really, it’s all the same old stuff with a different wrapper.

What if you made working out different? And I mean REALLY different?

Over the past decade, I’ve used a system called Compound Cluster Cycles to help whenever I get stuck in a rut. Now, Compound Cluster Cycles are HARD (I only do them twice in any given year) but they are EFFECITVE. This is a revolutionary way of combining your workouts that will stress your muscles to their limits AND give them an amazing ability to recover!

That's right: More Stress AND more recovery. The Anabolic Again Muscle Building Protocol is my personal breakthrough – my way to force my body to build more muscle, even after I thought more muscle was completely impossible.



Let’s be realistic for a moment – There are LOTS of great workouts available on the internet. So how do you know if you should use one of them, or if you should try Anabolic Again? Well I’ll tell you:

I’m not going to lie: Anabolic Again is crazy hard work — however it also works, so I figure it’s a fair trade.

"So, how do I start Anabolic Again?"

If you are really ready to get started using the Anabolic Again Muscle Building Protocol then click the button below I’ll let you in on the specifics of Anabolic Again, including how I stumbled upon this powerful system.


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