THIRD: Stop Skyrocketing Your Estrogen Levels!


Lay off the CardioHere’s the other GIANT problem the occurs when you haphazardly gain body fat to build muscle. Your body fat lowers your testosterone levels. It’s true, an enzyme called aromatase is found in your body fat and it is able to IRREVERSIBLY transform your testosterone into Estrogen, the female hormone. In this sense, having a potbelly is like having ovaries. YES! You read that right: Having a potbelly is like having OVARIES. That’s definitely not what you want.

Combine this with the fact that obesity is associated with altered levels of something called ‘sex hormone binding globulin’ – a protein in your blood that binds to testosterone to make it ineffective and you can see how gaining fat is the last thing you want to do if your goal is to build muscle.

You can get big WITHOUT getting fat, and I’ll show you how with the next tip...

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